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We are Canadian leading platform that connects people to jobs.

Our Core Values

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Why we do what we do

The President of LMIAJobs went through the same problem that you faced when he first came to Canada. He did not know where to go, what to do to find the jobs that sponsor LMIA. He wanted to start a successful career in Canada, but everything seemed so complicated. Therefore, having experienced this difficult times, he wanted to bring positive change to the people who may are going through the same difficulties as he had.

How we deliver that vision

We have established and continuously expanding our pool of networks with hundreds of employers. We also have successfully formed strategic partnerships with various companies that share the same vision as us. As a result, we offer one-stop platform for immigrants to get access to various services that they may need by living in Canada.

Who we want to be

We strive to make job seeking and connecting easier for Canadian immigrants, and eventually help our members to make a successful career in Canada. We will make the difficulties in first moving and starting a new life in Canada easier.

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LMIAJobs.com is a Canadian online employment solution for people seeking jobs and the employers who are looking for capable employees. We have been successfully providing our service particularly to job seekers who are looking to get LMIA, Work Visa, and Permanent Residency. With over 7 years of experience in the immigration and job arrangement industry, over 4000 of our members and clients successfully acquired LMIAs, Work Visas, and Permanent Resident status.

We offer the full array of services, which includes but not limited to: job arrangement, immigration consulting, career management, recruitment, LMIA, Work Visa, Permanent Residency, Citizenship, and more.

We also have strategic partnerships with various companies such as:

-Immigration consulting firms that have success rate of 97% that can work on your LMIA, Work Visa, and PR with an industry competitive affordable prices
-Translation companies that provide translators for people who cannot speak English,
-Real Estate firms that offer cheap and affordable housing,
-Business Investment firm that provides business consulting and helps with business buying and selling,

-And more.

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