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Job Bank Request

This section is used to manage all the job banks requested by the business. To go to this section, click on “Job Bank Request” on the left navigation menu.

The business can modify some information of a job bank request if it is not “Completed” or “Dismissed” under the “STATUS”. To make any changes on a job bank request, press on the “pencil” icon under the “ACTION” column. A new page will show up with some instructions, and definitions. Choose “Start” to begin editing.

Note: some information of the business has been filled when the partner opened the job bank request. 

Enter Company’s Information then choose “Next Step” to proceed.

Provide business’s contact then choose “Next Step”.

Enter business’s address Information. check on “Same as business address?” if the mailing address is the same as business address. Press on “Next Step” once everything is done.

Enter the business’s operations and job bank information. If the business already has a job bank account, choose “Do you have an existing Job Bank account?”. 

If choosing “Do you have an existing Job Bank Account”. There will be steps for you to follow up. Choose “I have completed these steps” once all steps are done. 

If you do not have access to job bank account, choose “I don’t have access”. This page will also appear if the “Do you have an existing Job Bank Account” above is not checked. At this point, there are some essential documents that need to be uploaded to verify the business. Once required documents are uploaded, choose “Next Step”.

Choose “Partner Referral” then click on “Yes and Submit” to finish.

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