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Job Searching

With our system, jobs can be found by different approaches.

  • General Search

Clients can enter the keywords related to the jobs they want and press the “Search” button. For a more specific search, “Categories” field is attached which can help clients find more appropriate jobs.

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What will happen next is that all jobs relating to the keywords will be displayed.

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Note: The half-left screen are jobs listed and the right side will have the detail of each job when we click on them. Also, search system cannot find jobs that have inappropriate keywords. For example, keywords with wrong spelling like “Kichen”, “Famer”, etc. 

  • Advanced Search

Clients can access this feature by clicking “Advanced Search” below the search bar.

On the next page, press “Show Filters”. 

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An advanced search system will appear which helps them to do a deep search filtering out by Keywords, Location, Job type, Category, Salary, and Rate.

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The advanced search can also be accessed by clicking “Find Jobs” inside “Jobs” on the navigation bar.

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