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Post a job

This is used for the employer to create a new job posting. Each job post is going to be listed for 90 days from the day of submission, and will be listed on the website, unless the job post is deleted or fulfilled by anyone. Each job published will allow candidates to apply and those profiles and messages could be seen from the Employer Dashboard.

To post a job, go to “Post a Job” and the following form will appear.

Company Information

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The following fields must be filled 

  • Company name
  • The following fields are optional
  • Website
  • Tagline
  • Video
  • Twitter username
  • Facebook URL

It is important that if the company has a website, we specify in the appropriate field. This will be list in our website on each post, and therefore increase our optimization for google ranking

Company Logo

For a better experience, and to allow the user to recognize the company easily, it is important to upload a logo for the company that we are submitting the job post for.

To upload and find the logo, we normally use google to find for the company logo, once we locate the company logo anywhere on the internet, we can right click the image and select the Save Image As option to store it in our computer:  Ex.

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Once the image is in your computer, then we can go to the Job Posting form and browse for the new stored logo image. Click the Browse button and select the image:

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The optimal size of the image is 280×280 pixels.

Here is how its display in the job posting list, when the company logo is set:

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When no logo is specified, then the default LMIAJobs logo is shown:

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Job Details

The following fields are required in the job details area

Job Title: Name of the position

Location: Have to enter the location of the job and select the best option in the addresses suggested.

Job type: Select the job type according to the job post

Job Category: Must select the categories related to the position, this is a required field, and must be filled with good information in order to have our catalog of job posts really organized by area. If you find no category is available for the position, please contact the web application support team.

Description: Specify the details of the job posting

Application email/URL: Should be lmiajobs.can@gmail.com

Minimum rate/h:  Enter the minimum rate per hour. Ex. 25.80

Maximum rate/h ($): Enter the maximum rate per hour. Ex. 28.80

Minimum Salary ($): Enter the minimum monthly salary if applicable. 2500.80

Maximum Salary ($): Enter the maximum monthly salary if applicable. 3000.80

Hours per week: Enter the hours per week, or range. Ex. 40 or 30-40

External “Apply for Job” link: Always leave empty

Header Image: Do not upload header image

Then you can click the preview button, where it will display the preview of the job post. 

After preview, if the job post is OK, then you can click Submit Listing to proceed or Edit the Listing if any changes are necessary.

Posting from Job Bank

When posting a job post based on the information from Job Bank, you should disregard the following information for displaying in our website:

Avoid the following information: 

  • Start date:  As soon as possible
  • Job Bank Job no.# 1886409
  • The whole part below the header How to apply

Below is an example of how a job post from Job Bank would look like

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Full Form Example

Below is the example of full form filled with the minimum required information.

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