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Assigning clients

Every job posting will have a job posting PO number under the “ACTION” column.

Clicking on the “eye” icon right before the number will move the partners to the detailed information page of that job posting. As can be seen in the picture below, after posting a job, the job’s description will be shown up including its title (Cook), type of skill (Low Skill), location (Quebec) and etc.

To assign a client to the position, click on the “Add Client” button. A form will be appended under the “Clients” section.

Filling out all the required fields and press the “Save” button to add the client to the position. A window will show up to confirm about the action, and also a confirmation email will be sent to the partners through their email(the email that is used to login for their account).

If the partners have already had some clients created, they can click on the magnifier icon button right next to the “Add client” button to search for clients.

Press the “Search” button after the window appears to see the list of clients. 

Click on the “Select” button on the clients they want to assign and the same window that shows the confirmation information will appear.

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