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Update Job Bank Request

Every job bank request will have an unique job bank request number under the “ACTION” column on the “Job Bank Requested” page. 

To update an existing job bank request. Click on the “eye” icon right next to the job bank request number. At this point, a page with detailed information about that job bank request will show up

  • Edit Business

After creating a new job bank request, some basic information about the business has been added. However, some have not been updated yet including Address, Mailing Address, etc. At this point, we have to wait for the business to complete their form. If we have to change their information, click on “Edit Business”. 

Fill out all the needed fields then click on “Save” to save any changes.

  • Partner and Status updating

To change the partner and status of the job bank request, right under the “Job Bank Request” page, there will be 2 options called “Partner” and “Status”. To make a save to any changes, press the “Save” button right under the “Status” section.

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