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Open job bank

To open a new job bank request, choose “Open Job Bank” under the “JOB BANK” section on the left navigation menu.

Fill out all the required fields on the new form that just appears based on the company’s information. Once everything is correct, press on the “Request” button to start a request.

To view all the job banks requested, click on “Job Bank Requests” under the “JOB BANK” section on the left navigation menu. A new page will show up and display a list of job banks requested whose information is based on what AMs have entered.

In the meantime, an Email will be sent to the Email address of the business that is just created. 

The business has to finish some steps including providing their detailed information. They need to press on the “Click here to fill the online form!”. At the next page, choose “Start” button.

Enter Company’s Information then choose “Next Step” to proceed.

Provide business’s contact then choose “Next Step”.

Enter business’s address Information. The partner can either enter the mailing address manually or check on “Same as business address?”. Press on “Next Step” once everything is done.

Enter the business’s operations and job bank information. If the business already has a job bank account, choose “Do you have an existing Job Bank account?”. 

If choosing “Do you have an existing Job Bank Account”. There will be steps for you to follow up. Choose “I have completed these steps” once all steps are done. 

If you do not have access to job bank account, choose “I don’t have access”. This page will also appear if the “Do you have an existing Job Bank Account” above is not checked. At this point, there are some essential documents that need to be uploaded to verify the business. Once required documents are uploaded, choose “Next Step”.

Choose “Partner Referral” then click on “Yes and Submit” to finish.

Then once they finish, an account will be automatically created for them and sent to them through their Email. Also their information will be automatically updated in lmiajobs.com.

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