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Post new job

This is where AMs can post a new job. They can click on “Post new job” on the left navigation menu. Then a new form will open, this is when AMs will fill out needed fields based on the jobs they would like to post.

Notice that it will ask for a position. To add a position, on the right side of the form, click on “Add position” button and field out needed fields. If there are clients arranged for the the position, click on “Add Client” and enter their information.

 For now press on the “Create” button at the bottom and new posting will be created.

To check for job posts, click on the “Job postings” at the left navigation menu, a new table with a list of job postings will appear, including the one that was just created.

Not only that, AD Matrix is automatically updated and the new job posting PO will be added at the bottom whose fields such as Company, Employer, Position, Vacancies, LMIA in Progress and PO Numbers will be based on AMs request.

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