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Update an existing PO

To update a PO in the job posting list, press on “Job postings” at the left navigation menu to go to the list. Every job posting will have a PO number under the “Action” column.

For example:

To go to a specific job posting, press on the “eye” icon that is next to the PO number. At this point, the information about that job posting will appear.

  • Changing Vacancies

AMs can change the vacancies of the position by pressing on the “Change Vacancies” button right next to the position’s name. After changing, press the “Change” button to save.

  • Adding new clients

To add a new client, press on the “Add client” button and a new form will appear. Fill out all the fields based on the information of the client and click on “Save” button to save.

Notice that the “Available Vacancies” will be changed as well since we just added a client to the position. The position is still available since there is still a available vacancy, so the status of it on the job posting list remains “active”

To add a client that is already inside the system, press on the magnifier button right next to the “Add client” button.

Press on the “Search” button to open the list of available clients.

Because the position is filled with enough clients, “Available Vacancies” is 0 and the status of that PO in the job posting list is “arranged”.

  • Stopping a job posting

To stop a job posting, press on the “STOP JOB POSTING” on the menu at the right side of the job posting page.

A new window will pop up to ask for confirmation. Press “Cancel” to close the window, or “Proceed” to stop the job posting.

Job postings that have been stopped will have its status set to “inactive”.

Notice that the AD matrix will be automatically updated with all the actions above. For job postings that have been stopped, a “STOPPED” will be appended right after the position name.

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